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发布时间: 2019-05-20


Name of the collection: powder enamel bean - green glaze plate

藏品规格:口径21cm 底径:8cm 高:7cm

Size: diameter: 21cm; bottom diameter: 8cm; height :7cm


Collection number: zygpm20190508-31




Collection introduction:


First seen in the sui dynasty, the ancient people called it a shallow circle full beans. The sui dynasty high foot dish dish heart is even, the circle foot is big and high. Dish wall is straighter also compare shallow, dish center has group form more small printing and inscribe ring grain, it is celadon product more commonly. In the middle and late qing dynasty, the gaozu plate suddenly became more and more. However, the shape of the gaozu plate in the qing dynasty was quite different from that in the sui dynasty. Breed thinks blue and white, powder enamel is given priority to more. Although they were both gaozu plates, the sui and qing dynasty gaozu plates were totally different in style. It is generally believed in academic circles that the qing dynasty gaozu plates evolved from the Ming dynasty gaozu cups and bowls, which seems to have no relationship with the sui dynasty gaozu plates.

During the qianlong period of the qing dynasty, China's porcelain technology reached the highest point in history. Jingdezhen imperial plant fire a batch of porcelain imitation crafts and animal and plant, fruit of porcelain, both form and texture are exactly like the original, and sometimes just by the naked eye cannot distinguish true and false, as the qing qianlong Zhu Yan "tao said" the cloud: "kung, ornamental silver or gold or cut stone, paint, screw survey, bamboo, 28-volume ziyingdian all, all in ceramic, imitate and shaw."


    此盘敞口,浅弧腹,下承以中空外撇高足。通体内外松石绿釉地粉彩装饰。外壁绘有一只鸡栖于藤萝枝上。口沿底部空白处自右向左署矾红彩楷书“官窑内造”四字。此盘的图文形态逼肖,质感真实,惟妙惟肖,巧夺天工。乾隆时御窑像生瓷尚有海螺、蚌、蝦、鸡、鸭、象、鹤、残荷、灵芝等,均造型比例准确,栩栩如生。 此盘制作精巧,纹饰生动细腻,色彩浓淡相宜,清新雅致。

Collection photograph:


This dish is open, shallow arc abdomen, bear with hollow outside apostrophe. Whole body inside and outside pine stone green glaze ground pastel decoration. On the outside is a picture of a chicken perched on a branch of a vine. Mouth along the bottom of the blank from right to left department alum red color regular script "made in the kiln" four words. This dish of graphics and text form bixiao, real texture, lifelike, artful. Qianlong royal kiln like porcelain still conch, clam, shrimp, chicken, duck, elephant, crane, residual lotus, ganoderma, etc., are accurate modeling proportion, lifelike. This dish makes choiceness, grain is acted the role of vivid and exquisite, colour is thick weak appropriate, pure and fresh and refined.


    清三代官窑瓷器之所以屡创令人咋舌的高价成交纪录,首先是稀有。众所周知,在封建社会里,等级是十分森严的,作为至高无上的一国之君,他喜好的东西或是所用之物,都是百里挑一 的,况且这些物品经历了多次改朝换代、战争和政治运动,流传至今的已十分不易,有的已凤毛麟角,故目前市场上买一件少一件。但也正因如此,才体现出非凡的收藏价值以及市场价值。

Collection value:

    Qing dynasty three generations of official kiln porcelain is often a staggering high price transaction records, the first is rare. As is known to all, in the feudal society, level is very heavily, as the supreme of the country, he be fond of things or the thing in the world, is to research, besides, these items change many times, wars and political movements, has been very not easy and popular, some of which have been rare, therefore, currently on the market to buy a small one. But also because such, ability reflects special collect value and market value.

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